• Zmany Hayom Bahalachah Software includes:

1. All the relevant Zmanim for a Jewish calendar not restricted to time or location.
2. The Zmanim for the Moladot of the Hebrew calendar.
3. Conversion of Hebrew / Foreign dates.
4. Various tables for hallachic Zmanim
Daily or weekly tables.
Monthly Hebrew/Civil tables.
Yearly Hebrew/Civil tables.
Tables for Shabbos and Yom-tov only.
5. The tables are created according to any opinion you choose.
6. Links to other software by Copy/Paste.
7. Preparing headlines to Zmanim in all languages.
8. The visible sunrise and sunset according to the "Bikuray Yosef" calendar for future years as well.
9. An option to gather data for a number of locations all in one table is available as well.
10. Candle lighting and Havdalah times for major cities in Eretz Yisrael all in one table.
11. No restriction of amount of columns in tables.
12. Table of astronomical solar data for all locations and times in order to enable professional criticism of the software's credibility and to facilitate examinations of various situations. For example: In what angle will the sun be at a particular time?
13. Gathering data of the Jewish year's characteristics.
Unlimited, for the price of 500 NIS. To download contact us!

• Kiddush Hachodesh Software 2005

1. Factual Moladot and Nigudim.
2. Starting and final Zmanim for Kiddush Levonah, while considering all problems such as moonset, lunar eclipse, Shabbos, etc.
3. Solar and lunar detailed astronomical data.
4. Zmanim for solar and lunar rise, set and noon, all concentrated in one table.
5. Data on spotting the new moon at the beginning of each month, pertinent to interrogate new month witnesses.
6. Image of the western horizon on the night of the moon's first display.
7. The Tekufot according to all opinions: Shmuel, Rav Ada and the real Tekufah.
8. Image of the celestial circumference which includes the celestial horizon, equator, and zodiac from all possible angles.
9. The image can be enlarged up to seeing the stages of the eclipse.
10. All images and data can be copied and pasted into other programs.
Price: 200 NIS

• The Weekly Calendar Software for the year 5770

A detailed explanation will be available shortly. 
To download contact us!

• The Monthly Calendar Software for the year 5770

A detailed explanation will be available shortly. 
To download contact us!

• Repairing existing calendars

Publishing a calendar is an extremely responsible task and requires thorough and professional inspection both externally and interiorly in order to ensure accuracy of the Zmanim and to avoid any error. Even calendars that have been published by experts of time calculation might have errors and require examination. Since the calendars are usually computed, if errors are present, they are consistent throughout the whole calendar. A calendar has a few weak points. For example: Candle lighting time on the second night of Rosh Hashanah, which is prohibited before sunset as opposed to other holidays. Another example is the start of the fast on Tisha Be'Av which differs from other fast days that start at Alos Hashachar. Also, Calendars that offer Zmanim for a number of cities must be checked to verify if those Zmanim actually match those cities. We have special trainees for these examinations.
The price for a regular inspection is 150 NIS.

Note: We disclaim all warranties and liabilities for the use of the freeware.